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Adaptability Coaching

Adaptability can be defined as the willingness and ability to change (or be changed) to fit unexpected circumstances. Our ability to adapt is a basic survival skill.

We are hard-wired to resist change - and for good reason! Habits help us navigate daily life with ease. However, our preference for cognitive ease can also prevent us from moving forward.

At AdaptIQ, we explore our brains on change, and get curious about what might be holding us back, so that we can build structures to support our goals as we move forward

Digital Adoption

Research reports the success rate of transformation programs is less than 30%. Digital transformation progams report even lower success rates. Traditional change management techniques are no longer suitable when we are dealing with constant change and disruption.

Using behavioural science, we explore the underlying reasons why organizations fail to scale digital adoption, despite significant investments in people, process and technology.

We work directly with technology clients interested in product led growth, to design and scale tools that users love.

Designing for Success

With expertise across robotic process automation, process analytics, process mining, data analytics, and artificial intelligence solutions - we work with you to explore opportunities to scale your business through technology, and match you with the right solutions to fit your business needs as you grow.

Whether you are new to emerging technologies and analytics, or are keen to drive business transformation at scale – AdaptIQ can support you at all stages of your journey.

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