Artificial intelligence capabilities are growing and the technologies involved are quickly becoming mainstream.  One thing is abundantly clear – the future of work will involve more technology performing tasks that are currently performed by humans.  In this video, Sharon Burrow (General Secretary, ITUC), explains that

people are not overly concerned about technology – but they are deeply, deeply anxious about their jobs

Yuval Noah Harari explains where this anxiety stems from:

to reinvent yourself when you are 20 is difficult, but you do it.  To do it again at 30, 40 and 50 brings high levels of anxiety

Uncertainty about what future jobs might be, and what learning is involved in order for us to adapt continues to fuel that anxiety.  We need to spend time creating certainty for workers who understandably feel threatened by role elimination.  Creating future work roles now, even if they are aspirational, enables us to move forward rather than sit in paralysis waiting for the future to unfold so we can react.


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